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Is teaching English on the coast of Colombia for you?

2022-08-04T14:02:33-05:00October 5, 2017|

Teaching English abroad can be a wonderful experience. Before making the leap into Colombia, one question to ask is “interior or coast?” This article includes key points about living and working in two cities on the coast, Barranquilla and Cartagena, and information to consider regarding both.

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Teach English in Colombia – The Ultimate Guide

2023-08-02T11:42:41-05:00September 7, 2017|

When thinking about teaching English abroad Colombia, specifically Bogota, isn’t the first thing which comes into people’s minds. This being said teaching English in Bogota, Colombia can be a unique and wonderful opportunity for teachers. 

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9 Q&A’s: Teach English in Bogota

2022-08-04T14:08:06-05:00August 31, 2017|

To teach English in Bogota Colombia many individuals have concerns about the job prospects, countries and living in Colombia. In this Q&A, you will discover answers to all your questions or concerns before considering starting to teach English in Bogota Colombia.