The team behind the language classes that do work!

Our team of certified teachers that are native or have a C1 language level, make a big difference in the learning outcomes. All our teachers have experience in disruptive and truly effective methodologies to help you dominate the language of your interest in language classes that really work.

Our team of teachers are experts in business topics to learn with a professional and social focus in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

There is a team of professionals in the commercial, administrative and operational area that support our teachers to guarantee the best learning experience for our students and the institutional wellbeing of the entire BBE Languages community.

Our methodology in language classes

BBE Languages language classes are enriching in the different modalities. We strategically select materials, tools and methodologies in each of our English for work, English for adults’ programs as well as for other languages.

Language classes with 80/20 Methodology

We designed the 80/20 methodology, which has worked for us throughout more than 11 years of experience, helping the development of companies and individuals with the training in a second language.

The 80/20 methodology is designed with your learning needs in mind and according to the way your brain appropriates the language.

The 80% of the progress is driven by the student and the remaining 20% by the guidance of the specialist teacher. Thus, more than 15 thousand students have achieved evident results in a very short period of time.

Likewise, we propose the most appropriate methodologies for the chosen modality and programs. This way you will see, both in online language classes as well as in face-to-face and inverted classroom classes, the best results in your process.

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Our 5 methodological pillars

BBE Languages’ 5 methodological pillars are the backbone of the academic strategy. They are the following:

1.    Employability: Improving essential work skills by learning English.

2.    Cross-cultural communication.

3.    Experiential learning.

4.    Objective-driven training.

5.    21st century skills.

We believe that continuous education/education of young adults must rethink its objectives to equip students with enough skills to achieve professional success.

Learning a second language plays an important part in employability since it allows an individual to develop their language skills and so be more competitive in the work market. This versatility will provide them with the opportunity to:

  • Have access to a job or promotion at work.
  • Adapt to globalization and interact with different cultures.
  • Participate in multicultural work teams thanks to their knowledge of other languages.

How do we make our students more employable?

Our language programs develop the different necessary skills that our students need for their personal and professional growth:

  • Productivity skills:
    • Basic academic skills.
    • Occupational skills.
    • Personal and social skills.
    • Traditional skills.
  • Traditional skills.
  • Professional knowledge and skills for transitions.

Our methodology supports students by helping them become cross-culturally competent speakers, which goes beyond developing simply linguistic skills.

We believe that teaching English must prepare students by providing them with knowledge about cross-cultural communication and the ability to use it effectively. Thus, overcoming cultural differences and achieving more productive and harmonious relationships. (Samovar, Porter, & McDaniel, 2012).

Cultures help determine how a language is created and used, and a student who does not know these aspects may not be prepared to communicate in that language. However, if they do, they will develop stronger relationships, better performance and greater job satisfaction. We promote this in our programs in the following way:

  • In class activities.
  • Inmersions.
  • Communication Skills.

The communicative approach of classes given in BBE Languages can be evidenced through the practicality, interaction that is 100% in the language you are learning and activities that are based on real life.

Experiential tasks are contextualized, focused on solving situations in the immediate context, and consider previous knowledge and experiences gained by the student.

Business Skills Workshops

Each level is complemented with business workshops that cover and apply the topics that are studied, in a practical way and in a work setting. These workshops are based on the skills they have acquired but applied in class dynamics that mimic activities carried out in the work settings of the previously mentioned areas.

While they work on these projects, students will face the challenge of putting themselves in realistic professional situations and using specific language to solve problems in a work setting. As a result, students will be able to use the material they have previously learned in new and concrete situations.

Objectives are present throughout the student’s learning process. They tell a student what they will learn and allow them to observe their progress in the level they are studying.

At the beginning students are provided with a syllabus, which contains the objectives they must achieve in the level and are established by skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar/Vocabulary).

Objectives are divided in the corresponding sections of the units they will cover throughout the specific level they are taking. These objectives are defined in the categories specified by Bloom (taxonomy of educational objectives model).

Skills that individuals must have for their life, career, civic responsibility, and self-realization in the XXI century. Socio-emotional skills are the key to developing positive relationships, creating a sense of responsibility and strengthening the ability to assertively communicate attitudes and opinions.

They are also called personal and social skills and refer to what are known as “soft skills”, “21 century skills” or “transferable skills”. To develop these skills, our team of teachers proposes and guides students to carry out complex projects that include:

  • Practical projects that incorporate four basic elements: immersion in practices, explicit instruction, development of critical skills and transformed practice.
  • Classes dedicated solely to socio-emotional skills – Communication skills.
  • Critical Thinking. Incentive of critical thinking in all class activities.
  • Creativity in the classroom.
  • Creativity in the classroom is fostered through several strategies, using Isaksen’s (2007) strategies as an example. For example, through games, a sense of humor, engagement with objectives and progress, proposing and resolving problems, safe spaces and critical and purposeful participation.
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Online language classes at BBE Languages

Thinking in your needs, we designed our online classes with synchronous meetings and technological tools that strengthen your skills in the language. Through the e-learning platform, our students always have access to materials, audios, books and additional resources to learn whenever and wherever they want.

Hybrid language classes

We apply a blended classroom methodology for our hybrid programs such as the one offered in our BBE Access program. It is carried out 50% in immersions with a teacher and 50% autonomous work with our e-learning platform.

English classes online

In Company language courses with BBE Languages

We carry out In Company language courses thinking about those who prefer an in-person process, with the option of having classes in their company’s facilities. These can be one to one classes or in groups of a maximum of 10 students.

We match the teacher and ideal objectives for your process, according to the level you want to achieve and the program you choose. Decide on the language you are interested in, the level you wish to achieve and your availability or your company’s availability, and we will design your process.

Invest in your future and enhance your professional profile.
Learn and perfect your English.

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