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Upskilling: English training for companies at a different level!

Upskilling is the English training for companies that seeks to help take your key members to a higher level of fluency.

They are carried out under the methodologies, modalities, types of training and specific intensity, depending on the objectives proposed in each program.

Programs that make up the specialized workshops

Withing the category of Upskilling we integrate 3 programs that seek to cover the English training needs for companies:

Clases de inglés para adultos


Skills is a program focused on companies that need to prepare their work teams (groups of a minimum of 25 collaborators) with short courses, and with a specific and technical focus in topics that are inherent to the organizations. Participants must have a B1 to C1 level.


Purpose is one of the UpSkilling programs designed for companies that seek for the members of the organization, with a B1+ to C1 level, to achieve greater professional development with very specific soft and technical skills in the language.

informar sobre cursos de inglés con profesores nativos
Cclases de inglés para empresas

Change your Chip (CYC)

Change Your Chip are conversation clubs in English for adults and companies that have not made a decision to invest a fixed budget on training their team. They consist of conversational sessions in general English on different and varied topics from everyday life, to mainly practice speaking skills, but without the dynamics of a regular class (without presentation or controlled practice stages).


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