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We help Latin American companies thrive through intercultural communication training. And although many of us on the BBE Language team are originally from other regions of the world, when we are asked, “Why are you here?” our answer is simple:

We are here because Latin America is our home. And whether we were born here or not, we believe in our region and want to be part of its growth and prosperity by accelerating cross-cultural business development.

Since 2011, we have learned that a bilingual workforce is synonymous with business growth. It is clear that language development and multicultural communication skills are key to any company’s competitiveness in the global marketplace, and language proficiency itself provides Latin American professionals with an indispensable ingredient to improve their own quality of life.

However, we know that language learning is a challenging journey, full of valleys and overwhelming peaks through unfamiliar territory. Sometimes it can feel like you are alone and stuck on the same plateau. It’s normal to wonder if you’ll ever make it.

We understand.

We have seen those peaks and had our own plateaus. We have followed the same paths, without success. However, during our journey, we discovered that the right training and guidance along the way is what makes the difference. We now help organizations strengthen their bilingual workforce by providing training that transforms the way they learn, communicate and grow.

To do this, we have developed methods and programs that are tailored to each company’s communication and language objectives. Our instructors are certified and prepared to challenge trainees to go beyond what they thought possible. Our multidisciplinary staff is here to make sure we provide the most effective tools to help companies and teams scale their next peak.

This is how we contribute to your company’s growth. We are here to build a better future for all of us in Latin America, one empowered professional at a time and an evolving society.

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