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10 to 30 hours (2 to 3 hours each segment)

BBE Skills - Business meeting

Communication with demanding customers.

Customers are the key element for every company. Without them there are no sales, and no revenue for the business.

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Today it is vital to invest time and resources in good management and preparation for customer service in a globalized world and the need to expand into other markets. If you want to learn how to sell more effectively in the international marketplace and keep your customers happy and loyal to your company, you and your employees will love our BBE Skills program where we will prepare you for everyday situations that require you to master the fundamentals of technical English.

Videoconference participation.

Videoconferencing is one of the most common and stressful work situations, especially when you are not yet proficient in technical English.

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In the BBE Skills program we prepare you to create a strategy that you can apply to all your video conferences and those of your collaborators so that they do not suffer in the attempt to make a perfect presentation using technical English.

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BBE Empower

Business meetings.

A business meeting can be the critical moment for a good presentation to turn into a successful business deal.

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Meetings in English are still very necessary for the smooth running of business: they provide an opportunity to generate new possibilities, resolve conflicts, develop new ideas and improve productivity. Although your company involves a lot of effort and time spent, making it a success doesn’t have to be a nightmare, we will show you how to make it happen at BBE Skills.

Inspiring and empowering leaders

The future belongs to those who see the possibilities today.

International negotiations.

Negotiations are common processes in the business world, but when we need to make contact with a new culture in an international negotiation, things get complicated.

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Culture shock is often the cause of the failure of globalization strategies. For this reason, it is essential to know the variables that affect international and intercultural negotiation and how to deal with them. Trust, the basis of all business, is interpreted in very different ways from culture to culture, so understanding the perspective of another cultures is needed to ensure the success of international business.

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BBE Skills - Recursos Humanos

Human resources.

At the heart of an organization is its human factor. Human Resources is precisely in charge of providing the company with the personnel necessary for its proper functioning.

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Human resource management is not an easy task, and there are several activities that must be carried out continuously, from managing contracts and payroll, hiring new personnel and anticipating future needs, improving careers and salaries, developing individual and collective competencies, managing social relations and providing tools to make employees better every day.

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