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BBE Purpose

Professional Development Workshops

We currently have 3 100% English-language training programs for specific purposes, which seek to impact and strengthen the soft skills and technical skills of our participants and their companies.

BBE Purpose - Comunicación Asertiva

Assertive communication

Assertive communication, a fundamental skill for coexistence in work and family environments.

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Based on empowering the professional to overcome their conversational difficulties with empathy, courage and a winning attitude.

Effective presentations

BBE Purpose provides effective methodologies for sharing information to achieve a focal objective through an idea. Inform, motivate and share.

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Focused on training for the preparation and presentation of effective and high-impact presentations in English.

BBE Purpose - Presentaciones efectivas
BBE Purpose - Finanzas


Verbal and non-verbal financial communication under technical concepts in English for effective presentations.

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Designed to correctly explain and present the essential financial concepts in English and convey the desired message and feeling.

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