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Complete the sentences with the correct answer. Choose the correct letter a, b, c or d.  

1) Our family ________ hungry.
2) ______ you from Mexico?
3) He’s a cook, but he ______ breakfast.
4) They ______ speak Korean.
5) Tina______ a letter to her mom every week.
6) Ashley and Brian ______ next week.
7) There aren’t any of those new blue shirts left, ______?
8) We need bread from the supermarket.
9) Karen is a good swimmer. She ______ in the summer.
10) The children ______ shorts to the beach in the summer. They ______ coats.
11) Mario ______ a mechanic. He ______ cars.
12) This is the ______ bed I have ever slept in.
13) The electricity ______ while we were watching TV.
14) How long ______ in that office?
15) The sunsets in Hawaii are ______ any other sunsets in the world.
16) Who _____ the first email?
17) The letter ______ by my son’s teacher.
18)  Before she ______ for a job as a computer programmer, Emerita had learned how to use a computer.
19) Marcos needs to know the bus schedule so he can get to work on time. What question will he ask?
20) I wasn’t interested in the performance very much. ________________.
21) Take a warm coat, _______________ you might get very cold outside.
22) She ________________ for her cat for two days when she finally found it in the garage.
23) If I hadn’t replied to your email, I___________________ here with you now.



Choose the best option a, b, c or d. 

24) Hannah works in a hospital. She is ______.
25) Guillermo is always calm even under stressful situations.
Questions 26 to 35 

When applying for a job, potential employees also look for signs that the company offers good career 26__________. They want to make sure that there is job 27______    training, as such 28________ courses will provide them with relevant workplace skills. Companies should also provide a 29___________ for each new member of staff to help them develop 30________in their new positions.

Many companies look for more than just excellent qualifications and a good skills 31_________     . They aim to find staff who also demonstrate 32_________ intelligence, self-motivation and the ability to develop a good 33_________ with colleagues and team members. However, companies still need to do a needs 34____________ to make sure that they can provide a comprehensive training policy. This should include a thorough 35______________      programme for new employees when they start, followed by continuous learning throughout their employment.

Questions 36 and 37. Look at the check below and choose the best answer. 

Picture1 1 

36) How much is the check for?
37) What is the check for?
Questions 38 and 39. Look at Cliff’s schedule below and choose the best answer.


38) Does Cliff exercise during the week?
39) How often does Cliff have ESL class?
Questions 40 to 42. Read the article and choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentences.Picture540) Using robots in a factory is an example of _______ .
41) The Foxconn Group currently has _______ robots.
42) _______ Chinese manufacturing companies are increasing automation.
Question 43 to 45. Decide if the following sentences are True (T) or False (F)43) Manufacturing companies in China are moving overseas because workers’ salaries are increasing.
44) Foxconn is building factories in the coast of China.
45) Foxconn is currently expanding its business.
Questions 46  to 50.  Listen to the audio about setting ground rules for an online meeting with the phrases given.


46) ______________ fifteen minutes for questions.
Questions 51 to 55. Watch the video and select the best word to complete each sentence below.


51) Eatsa is a fully automated ___________ that serves lunch.
52) Customers use a touch-screen ________ to select the food they want.
53) Eatsa serves freshly __________  meals rather than preparing food in advance.
54) Customers like to leave the office for their _____________  hour which may actually be shorter than an hour!
47) Before we go into the question and answer session, I just want to mention _______________________.
48) Could you just give your _________________before you speak?
49) Can you _________________ so everyone has the chance to speak?
50) Please help your colleagues by speaking _________________.
55) Because the customers never see the staff, there’s no ____________ interaction when they buy and receive their food.