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Part 1: Grammar

Complete the sentences with the correct answer. Choose the correct letter a, b, c or d.  

1) Our family ________ hungry.
2) ______ you from Mexico?
3) He’s a cook, but he ______ breakfast.
4) They ______ speak Korean.
5) Tina______ a letter to her mom every week.
6) Ashley and Brian ______ next week.
7) There aren’t any of those new blue shirts left, ______?
8) We need bread from the supermarket.
9) Karen is a good swimmer. She ______ in the summer.
10) The children ______ shorts to the beach in the summer. They ______ coats.
11) Mario ______ a mechanic. He ______ cars.
12) This is the ______ bed I have ever slept in.
13) The electricity ______ while we were watching TV.
14) How long ______ in that office?
15) The sunsets in Hawaii are ______ any other sunsets in the world.
16) Who _____ the first email?
17) The letter ______ by my son’s teacher.
18)  Before she ______ for a job as a computer programmer, Emerita had learned how to use a computer.
19) Marcos needs to know the bus schedule so he can get to work on time. What question will he ask?
20) I wasn’t interested in the performance very much. ________________.
21) Take a warm coat, _______________ you might get very cold outside.
22) She ________________ for her cat for two days when she finally found it in the garage.
23) If I hadn’t replied to your email, I___________________ here with you now.