10 Events you can’t miss while working in Bogota

A city of contrasts—and one of South America’s most exciting capitals—Bogota is a sprawling metropolis steeped in history and cosmopolitan cool. The District Institute of the Arts (Idartes) shared the great events that will take place during the remainder of this 2022 in Bogotá, which will be concerts, festivals, forums and audiovisual meetings, among others that will lead the cultural agenda of Colombia.

Here are ten of the biggest and best events in Bogotá.  

1.Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá (Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá):

  • Where: Multiple locations in Bogota (Theaters, parks, public squares) 
  • When: From April 1 to 17, 2022
  • What: Bogotans, Colombians and foreigners will enjoy world-class plays that are part of the programming. Fans of good theater can choose from a varied menu of national and international plays, from Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Lebanon, Belgium, Argentina, a Colombo-French production and 24 Colombian plays. 

    The festival is a big part of what being a Bogotano means, you cannot miss this espectacle while working in Bogota.


  • Where: Parque Simón Bolivar, Bogotá
  • When: March 21, 2022 from 12:00 am 6:00 p.m. 
  • What: Alimentarte is Bogota’s largest food festival and showcases over 200 food stalls from Colombia and all over the world. The festival takes place over two weekends in Parque Virrey, Bogota. The festival allows visitors to sample foods and enjoy visiting the park with family and friends. Each year the festival has a different theme and invites international restaurants to showcase their food and culture to the people of Bogota. Alimentarte is a great way to sample traditional, local or international foods while working in Bogota. 
10 events you can't miss while working in Bogota

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3.Bogota’s Jazz Festival (Jazz al Parque)

  • Where:  Parque Simon Bolivar, Bogota
  • When: Every Year in Mid September ( September 16 -17 this year)
  • What: Jazz el Parque is a free International jazz festival which takes place every year over a weekend in mid September. 

    The 2 day long festival attracts jazz artists from all over the world, and visitors from all over Bogota who come to listen to jazz music and relax in the park with friends and family.This festival is a great free outdoor festival to experience and relax while working in Bogota.

4. Bogota’s Rock Festival (Rock al Parque)

  • Where: Parque Simon Bolivar, Bogota
  • When: For the first time in its history, Rock al Parque, one of the largest and most famous festivals on the continent, will cover two weekends, November 26 and 27 and December 3 and 4, 2022.
  • What: Rock al Parque is Latin America’s and Colombia’s largest free rock concert, which has been running every year since 1995. This festival of rock attracts artists and visitors from all over the country and world to listen to a variety of rock genres for free. 

    Every year the festival attracts over 50 artists from all over the globe to celebrate rock and is a great event to visit while working in Bogota.


5.Bogota’s Salsa Festival (Salsa al parque):

  • Where:  Parque Simon Bolivar, Bogota
  • When: From June 4 to 5, 2022
  • What: If you happen to be in Bogotá in June and you want to get into the Latin music vibes, but don’t know how, then Salsa al Parque is your event. 

    This festival has been celebrated in the city for over 20 years and is an institution, gathering  the best of the national talent and international artists, dance companies, vinyl collectors, press and music fans from all over the world in one place.The festival is the go-to for anyone looking to expand their musical knowledge and practice all those moves with locals willing to help you improve your salsa game while working in Bogota.


  • Where: Corferias, Bogota
  • When: From April 22 to 24, 2022
  • What: Since 2004, the ARTBO program of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce has organized the Bogotá International Art Fair, a space that has established itself as a fundamental center for cultural exchange and research for the promotion of the country’s art scene. 

    The Fair brings together galleries, curators, artists and the general public at a national and international level around a commercial relationship platform, providing one of the most important cultural showcases for plastic arts in Colombia.The ArtBo event is the perfect place to view art from all over Latin America while working in Bogota.


7. Literary Picnic (Picnic Literario)

  • Where: Tintal Library, Botanical Garden and Ciudad Montes Park.
  • When: July 24, September 18 and October 9, 2022
  • What: Bogotá is a city that enjoys, loves and feels literature, that writes, reads and lives in libraries and bookstores. In 2022, the Literary Picnic joins the strategy of Bogotá as a stage with three great meetings of authors, editors and, of course, readers, a must while working in Bogota.

8.Dance Festival in the City (Festival Danza en la Ciudad)

  • Where: Multiple places around the city
  • When: from November 10 to 20, 2022. 
  • What: This festival is a meeting of movement experiences that seeks to bring artists closer to their audiences and open spaces for dance to become part of people’s daily lives. The programming will include video dance works, face-to-face pieces, public dances, flashmob and immersive experiences from the movement that will take place in different spaces and stages of the city.

9.Festival Internacional Respira el Arte

  • Where: Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Theater
  • When: from September 26 to October 1, 2022
  • What: the city’s stages will be transformed into spaces for discussion, experimentation and knowledge about sustainable practices around the performing arts. The festival seeks to integrate research, development and urban innovation at the local level in which theaters and cultural centers in the capital migrate towards sustainable production structures. 

    This, in order to mitigate the negative impact on the planet and train people who, without neglecting creativity, are more aware of the environment. Concerts, creation laboratories, workshops and sustainable routes join the Forum that is part of the celebration of this year.It will have the presence of national and international guests who will talk about key issues for the sector: urban planning and scenarios, sustainability, associativity and profitability, as well as conscious creation and production, and large events with minimal environmental impact. If you have a big interest in those issues this might be the perfect festival for you while working in Bogotá


10. Expoartesanias:

  • Where: Corferias, Bogota
  • When: From December 7 to 20, 2022
  • What: Expoartesanías is an event that dynamizes and strengthens the Colombian artisan sector and has become the platform for national and international marketers and distributors to find products with quality and identity. It is the place to find the best of traditional and contemporary indigenous and Afro-Colombian artisan expression. 

    It offers products made with natural raw materials such as: fibers, textiles, wood, silver, gold, clay, ceramics and stone, among others.Expoartesanias is an ideal event to discover Colombian products and purchase handcrafted items, while working in Bogota.

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Written by : Alejandra Acosta

Published On: April 25, 2022Categories: Teach English in Colombia