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English courses for companies with BBE Languages

English courses for companies in your office, residence or on-line!

It is easier to increase your level this way!

Do you need to increase the English level of your work team? You’re in the right place! Our English courses for companies focus on competitive corporate objectives and needs. We know that cross-cultural communication can open new business horizons for corporate growth.

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English courses for companies that rise to the challenge

We support you in the English training strategy for companies, with 4 courses focused on achieving language proficiency at the highest level:

BBE Empower

BBE Empower is one of the English courses given only for organizations. It includes in-person training focused 100% on learning English for work.

Inglés de negocios
Find out if Empower is your best option!
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BBE Live

BBE Live is one of our online English courses for companies, with the same focus on learning the language for work. Classes are synchronous, through videoconferences and with teachers who have a minimum C1 level or are natives in the language.

Learn more and decide if Live is the best option for you!

BBE Access

BBE Access is an online English course for companies, with a focus on social and general English and with a business component. It is 100% online and gives you everything you need to quickly advance to a C1 level.

Instituto de idiomas
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clases de idiomas online

BBE Access Entry

BBE Access Entry is part of our English courses for companies that are 100% online, aimed at learning the language with a social and general focus and a business component.

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These courses are aimed at company leaders with a minimum B1+ English level. They are blocks of short courses with a very specific focus on soft skills, technical skills and business topics.

Programa de inglés online
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Courses in other languages for companies

Spanish, French and Portuguese courses for companies are given under the different modalities and types of training used in the Empower and Live programs. Our Access course is available for English and French. Depending on the language, we can achieve the objectives for an advanced or intermediate (in the case of Portuguese) level.

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